Sunday (crochet) Sampling

I didn’t dare look at when I posted last.. I know it’s been a while. Between then and now though, I’ve managed to find work to make an honest <snort> living.. get this, I now have three different jobs that almost make a full work week. And as a bonus I’ve managed somehow to keep them off my weekends, so when Saturday comes and I’ve done all my laundry and running around etc I fall into bed a little tired. Sunday however, I wake up and start diving into my wool stash (don’t go upstairs when you get in hun.. just trust me).


Behold! The result of my lilac crochet sampling

If you’re interested to read more, have a look here


I shall post again soon..

Caio x


Your Opinion Needed: Why Do We Exist?

Knee deep in writing a book on metaphysics.. I began pondering the actual purpose of existence. Yes, I know it’s a VERY old question, but it’s worth another go-over 😉
The general consensus seems to be “to be happy”, others have no clue and/or don’t care.. Some believe there is no purpose, we just exist.
So I’m very interested on your ideas. I don’t care who you are, or where you come from, age, colour, sex, religion, ANYTHING. If you can express an opinion on the answer to the question, I’m interested.
Oh, and I would like to say that I may or may not be including your response in my book. Please state whether that’s ok or not when you comment.